Friday, 21 November 2008

Thank God for Craiglist!

So I put an ad on Craigslist. It read "I need a plumber - You want a hot tub. Let's make a trade!"

I was inundated with phone calls. Who knew hot tubs were so popular? When I bought my house, I had a hot tub on my deck. See below...

Knowing myself, I would never actually use this thing and it would simply sit out there taking up a lot of space and eventually breaking down. So I swapped out lots of plumbing work in exchange for my hot tub.

I had my leaky kitchen sink repaired, water run to my refrigerator, my W/D relocated to the basement and a new half bath plumbed in. I also had a new vanity put in the upstairs master bath and my pedestal sink relocated to the front porch as a planter...

This is my new vanity in the Master Bath

This pedestal sink used to be in the upstairs bathroom. It's cute but I'm a girl with a LOT of stuff and I needed some extra storage space! So this became a cute planter by the front door. Everyone loves it!

All this wheeling and dealing with no money changing hands!
What a bargain! I love Craiglist!

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