Saturday, 22 November 2008

My New Half Bath!

The original half bath in the house was down 2 awkward stairs on the way to the basement. It was inconvenient, ventless, dark and smelly and to say I loathed it was putting it mildly. I truly hated that bathroom. I pretty much refused to use it. So, as part of the hot tub trade, I had a new half bath plumbed in where the W/D used to be. I also traded more passes for the tile work, drywall, pocket door and electrical. The result? It's one of my favorite things in the house!

When I bought the house, this was the utility room.
It had this beautiful stained glass window which I wanted to showcase
so I moved the W/D to the basement and turned this space
into the new Half Bath!
Check it out...

The linoleum on the floor was in bad shape so
we had it ripped up and laid down some tile.

Here's the tile being put down...

This is the pocket door and the exposed brick
where the sink will go...

The bath was painted a beautiful golden yellow.
We were installing the toilet and sink this day
which was much more difficult than it should have been...

Here you can see part of the stained glass window and the
super cute chandelier I had installed!

The sink was mounted into the bricks but the pedestal
didn't work with the pipes
so I got creative and made this little grass
and bamboo thingamajigger...

This is the finished product...

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