Saturday, 2 January 2010

Flagstone Patio

I had been itching to put in a flagstone patio since I moved in. I wanted a really low-maintenance backyard that didn't need much mowing.
But mostly, I wanted a great little place to entertain my friends!

Once again, Nat made it happen!

We struck a deal with Hector and his crew and they dug out 3 truckloads of dirt from the backyard!
We had to put in a retaining wall along the fenceline and hauled in 10 TONS of sand and gravel for the base of the patio!

Looking down the stairs after it was mortared.

Coming down the stairs and looking to the right.
The rocks outline the garden and then we laid sod in the remainder.

Coming along nicely!!

And below is the (mostly) finished product!
I've since made a coffee table for it and had a driftwood pergola put in.
Pictures of that will arrive shortly...

Thanks Mother Nature!

Thanks to a wicked hail storm this past summer, I finally got my new roof! Not the cute tin roof that I wanted, but a new roof nonetheless...
This was a pretty crazy job that involved tearing off 3 layers of old roofing! THREE!!

These guys were awesome and they were FAST! Had the whole thing done by about 5pm and they even got a late start due to the weather!
Color me impressed!!

I'm sure they all thought I was crazy out there taking pictures all day...

And this was the finished product!! Look at how cute and fabulous that is!! I LOVE IT!!!

Seriously.... does it get any cuter than this?